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We understand that although many websites share the same general components and simply look different. That doesn't mean that every site has the same level of traffic or devOps needs. That's why we take a hands on approach with getting your Fido site on the right hosting plan.

While each plan can be different, we do help get the following setup for most Fido sites:

  • Email Configuration of your choice: Google Business, FastMail, Hey, Microsoft Exchange, and more
  • DNS Management
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Linux based server running the latest in PHP applications
  • AWS Cloud-based asset storage with CDN Delivery
  • Continuous Code Integrations and Atomic Deployments (with zero downtime)

For site's with lots of traffic we generally set something up like so:

  • Load Balancer
  • Multiple Application Servers
  • Database Server
  • Redis Server

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