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What does a Communal Codebase mean?

With a Fido site, you have access to our ever-growing list of web components, along with features that other Fido users have requested for their own website.

Let’s face it, most websites out there have the same functionality, they just look different. This blanket approach usually gives you more than you want, but still falls short of what you need.

Fido’s communal codebase threads the needle with regular updates, new tools, and a custom approach to revisiting and refining the way your site looks, feels and functions.

With a Fido site, you can access our ever-growing codebase of website building tools whenever you want. Anytime we create new components, or another Fido member requests one, we'll add that component to all Fido sites as well. Plus, Fido is constantly adding to our list of components. That includes putting your ideas into the mix as well.

It's a win-win for content editors and site owners everywhere.

Curated Goodness

What hap­pens when you need some­thing that we haven’t already built or launched? It’s sim­ple! Just con­tact us to request your fea­ture or mod­i­fi­ca­tion to an existing component.

Once approved, that new­ly mint­ed com­po­nent will be avail­able to all Fido subscribers.

Hungry for more info?

Check out this case study from a recent Fido client who found success thanks to our communal codebase approach.