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Get more bite with a fast Fido site

Fido = Fast

It's an all too familiar tale. You spent all of this money on your brand new website and when you go to market it, well, let's just say that it's slower than molasses and your customers are not happy.

Enter Fido.

Fido is built with speed and performance at the forefront of our minds. Fido, and its meticulously crafted components are extensible, customizable, ever growing, and built to last.

Fido delivers what site builders and content owners want

Many websites share common functionality, but look different. Each has its own unique branding, color scheme, and layout. We leverage the power of the most common web components and take it to the next level.

Each component can be customized to suit your needs. Got a component in mind that's not currently in Fido's component library? Just request it and we'll get on it! It's as easy as sending an email. Our Team Fido members work on new components constantly.

This is a win-win for site builders and content owners. We do the work, you reap the benefits of a powerful community-based development approach.

Let's do this!

Ready to Fido?

Let Fido fetch your way to a better web