Fido's Parent Site Now On the Fido Platform

With the Fido platform we can build just about anything. We took on the challenge of migrating our parent company's website as that would help solidify our own thoughts on Fido being ready for just about any challenge.

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Welcome to hassle-free publishing

Why the change?

Just like many other businesses we wanted a hassle-free website solution. With Fido's growth it was important for us to showcase that we can take a unique design and retro fit Fido to help tell your own story. But in this scenario we are the client.

Now with Hybrid Interactive built on Fido, we can let the Fido team handle everything else with regards to new features, managing software and server updates, all while no longer needing to update our parent company's website manually ever again.

By no longer needing to worry about monthly software updates, we can focus on what we love doing. And that's continuing to make Fido the best it can be.

How could we shout from the rooftops about how great Fido is if we weren't willing to build our own website off of it?

The communal codebase is hard at work

In order to make Fido work for us, we needed to add a few things first.

Building upon a robust collection of components

Fido already has a huge collection of reusable website components that can be tailor made for any company. The same could be said for Hybrid Interactive's website too.

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Start with the basics

We initially started off by defining some global elements that would help us style the internal hero/header sections throughout the website. Your Fido rep will do the same for you to ensure a consistent message throughout your website.

Once your colors are all established, then within each Fido component you will be able to select from various options from within that specific component, change colors of certain items, and more.

When you need more, you can get that too

In Hybrid Interactive's case, the Fido drop downs in the navigation weren't going to fit the needs of the website. Sure, the Fido defaults are fine in most cases, in fact we are using them on this very site, but what happens when you need just a little bit more from a component?

Ask and you shall receive.

Now with another navigation option available for this website, all other Fido customers have the same option available to them too.

That's the wonderful thing about a communal codebase. Once someone needs something that Fido doesn't currently have, you simply request it, we evaluate it, build it (along with a slew of options to help make it your own), and release that feature to all other customers so they can use it if they choose to do so.

Hi fancy dropdowns

What's next?

There is always something to do at Fido. We're constantly improving the Authoring Experience (AX) to help customers (like you and us) to better tell their stories. That is all apart of the refinement process that any software product can offer to better serve its customer base. With your help that's what we plan on doing.

Let's do this together.