We have lift off

New components, a SalesForce CRM integration, and the communal codebase approach powers this rebuild.


A few months back our friends at The Insur­ance Loft approached us about get­ting them into a new web­site. Their main site was built on Expres­sio­nEngine. While we do have expe­ri­ence work­ing in that stel­lar CMS, They want­ed some­thing that fit their vision for being able to tell their sto­ry with­out need­ing a devel­op­er for every lit­tle thing. Plus they want­ed it quick.

Not only that, the Loft & Co team has vary­ing skill lev­els in pro­duc­ing con­tent, so Fido was a per­fect fit as it’s intu­itive and easy to use.

Fido to the Rescue

Getting things done quickly

Much like we did for The Opportunity Project we built for a project collaboration with the White House, Loft & Co would start with the Fido base theme. The base theme is a great place to start. Heck, we're using the base Fido theme on this very website. We have access to all of the components, features, and more. But everything follows their branding as well.

Screenshot 2023 11 09 at 12 41 03 PM

Time to Spice Things Up

Testing the Limits of Fido

With Fido we knew that just about anything was possible to do. But the client wanted to stand out amongst other Insurance providers out there. After all, insurance company's are everywhere. So it was important that we delivered a product their entire team could benefit from and be proud of.

Communal Codebase at Work

Fido can handle any design

For the most part, we had the majority of components built into Fido already but we still needed to tweak things in order to match the designs. Plus, there were a few component types we needed to create too. That's where the Communal Codebase approach really shines. Not only did Loft & Co get new components to play with and use, all of our other Fido clients receive access to those as well.

Screenshot 2023 11 09 at 12 48 28 PM
Screenshot 2023 11 09 at 12 58 45 PM
Here we simply extended the Promotions component but updated it with custom icons and a clean look and feel
Screenshot 2023 11 09 at 1 25 21 PM
Need custom icons? Yep, Fido can do that too

Putting it all together

There were a lot of enhancements made during the build of this Fido Custom site. We added the custom icons you see in the image, added the ability to link buttons for modal content, created several variations of the Call to Actions components, and a lot more.

Wrapping Up

Trans­form­ing Loft & Co’s Fido-theme to a ful­ly cus­tom site was a real­ly fun chal­lenge for us. Each and every project teach­es us a bit more about how Fido can con­tin­ue to grow and mature. This will only con­tin­ue as more and more ideas are brought into the mix.

Are you ready to Fido?