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Empowering you to do more

We’ve been working hard on all sorts of Fido goodies. We just pushed up a new way to handle the Utility Navigation. Previously, you would simply edit the Options tab and select the option to add that link to the Utility Navigation. That process, while it worked pretty well, didn’t allow for all that much in terms of versatility. So now you’ll see a new Utility Navigation structure under Entries that you can use now instead:

From there you can add a new Entry or just edit the ones that we migrated over for you. If we click on Contact Us you’ll now see this layout:

Screenshot 2023 05 25 at 5 55 02 PM
This new component adds a ton of versatility, while remaining easy to use

Get more done with Fido

You’ll now have the ability ro change the Target to Entry, URL, or Category. The other options should be pretty straightforward but of course let us know if you have any questions on anything there. There are just two items we wanted to point out:

  • Link Type
  • The Settings icon next to the New Window toggle.

For Link Type you can choose a Text link or a Button.

If you click Settings icon you’ll get some additional options there:

Screenshot 2023 05 25 at 5 02 55 PM

Now you can change active and hover states for each of those components. Pretty neat!